International Market/Country Reports

Global Culture Navigators provides insight to international market receptiveness, trade, and investment by compiling data on a country’s importing trends, economic environment, industries, consumers and demographics. Our geographical scope includes expertise in over 36 global markets.

These reports offer insights into multiple foreign market industries, trends for specific industry sectors; evaluate political environments to understand government and other political involvement in business and trade that can affect operations. To identify potential barriers—The market research delves into demographic and socio-cultural environments including lifestyle habits, income and earnings, eating and drinking patterns, population changes, population gender, age group and more—all of which can impact business decisions.

Global and Domestic Feasibility Studies

Global Culture Navigators has the expertise to conduct in-depth feasibility studies for clients in the private and public sectors. These studies assess the market potential to help clients define strategies to plan their investment in specific international or domestic markets.

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