Cultural Concierge

This service is designed to prepare clients for global business engagements and present companies in the very best light. Global Culture Navigators reviews itineraries in order to help with business card translations, appropriate gift selection, greeting and introduction protocol, and even which clothes to wear for each encounter. Every detail of business meeting protocol with international partners is carefully reviewed to prepare clients for any challenges when facing different multicultural values.

Our team provides training for clients on multicultural environments in order to prepare them for professional interaction with global counterparts.

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Dress Code
  • Client Gifts
  • Multilingual Business Cards
  • International Business Protocol & Meeting Planning

Cultural Intelligence

Our Cultural intelligence services advise clients on the acceptable professional behavior when entering foreign markets.

Many US companies have a dress code, but it is often more casual than that of other countries. Like a personal shopper, we help our clients put their best foot forward when it comes to appropriate business and casual attire.

Gift giving customs vary greatly from country to country. What is considered appropriate in Central America may be entirely inappropriate in Japan.  How do you know that you are not making cultural “faux pas” when giving a gift to your top international clients? We can special order unique gifts for you, your clients, as well as personal friends and family that live and travel abroad.

Following up after a business meeting is critical, but what if the client does not read English? We can help design two sided business cards with English on one, and your potential client’s language on the other side.

International Business Protocol & Meeting Planning

Business decisions are based on proper data analysis and numbers. In an instant, implementation can be derailed by uncharted cultural challenges. In the context of international businesses, culture affects how people approach and participate in meetings, make presentations, and discuss events.

Business protocol and meetings is an area where cultural differences become glaringly apparent. Managing the risk of making an error—handing a business card in the wrong order, a handshake that should have been initiated by the other person or even a glance at a colleague before their superior—can be assisted through education and planning. International business protocol and meeting planning provides solutions to challenges companies might face when working with multicultural values and expectations of professional conduct. With thoughtful planning, we help clients prepare for the best possible outcomes in their business-to-business meetings.

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