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Ms. Elliott holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and Chevron Corporation was her real-world finishing school.  The multinational energy company has operations in 180 countries and an equally diverse workforce.  Elliott completed a decade of immersion in public relations and community affairs supporting the Chevron companies worldwide.

This corporate experience prepared Elliott for her transition into public service with the State of Nevada. With her knowledge of protocol, she supported the Office of the Governor during the Miller Administration. This experience opened the door to the Commission on Economic Development, where she headed the agency marketing division before moving into the global trade division.

As a global business liaison with the State of Nevada, she supported efforts to develop foreign direct investment, prepared itineraries and met visiting delegations, researched and prepared country briefs, and secured federal program funds to enable Nevada small businesses to expand their client base through export sales. During this time Elliott traveled extensively—visiting Europe, Asia, and South America.

She is certified in international business protocol and is a paralegal with an emphasis in intellectual property law and the Immigrant Investor Program. Elliott is trained and certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center to administer and debrief cultural intelligence assessments, which provides clients with an essential foundation for understanding the implications of doing business around the world.

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