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Global Culture Navigators was established by Kimberly Elliott after she spent 20 years in management positions in corporate, government, education, and nonprofit sectors. Ms. Elliott is a believer in the power of business and cultural intelligence. Global Culture Navigators’ directors, Jeff Sutich and Tatjana Vukovic, have impressive professional track records in global business development, economics, and marketing strategy.  Sharing the same vision, they came together in 2014 to make their experience and expertise available to others.



Kimberly HS

Kimberly Elliott

Cultural Intelligence and Diplomacy

Ms. Elliott holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  She is certified in international business protocol and is a paralegal with Immigrant Investor Program experience. Elliott is trained and certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center to administer and debrief cultural intelligence assessments, which provides clients with an essential foundation for understanding the implications of doing business around the world.  Read more.



Tatjana HSTatjana Vukovic

Research and Analysis

Ms. Vukovic’s cumulative public and private sector experience and confidence in navigating international markets brings a creative and analytical problem solving approach to the team. Vukovic earned her Master of Science degree in Economics from University of Nevada Reno and her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.  Read more.



jeff hsJeff Sutich, Global Trade and Investment

Global Trade and Investment

Companies benefit from Mr. Sutich’s experience and confidence in the international realm. He has lived in Italy, Guam, and Indonesia, as well as participated in business and personal activities in over 36 countries worldwide. Sutich holds a Bachelor of Administration degree in International Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.  Read more.

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