Realizing your global vision

Have you ever imagined doing business overseas? Do you understand the complexities that go with that vision? We do.

Global Culture Navigators empowers our clients to operate successfully in the international business space. Our comprehensive approach takes you through the due diligence necessary for any new venture, with a global perspective.

Navigating the world’s cultures

Global Culture Navigators is a consulting company that improves client confidence to operate successfully in the international business space. Unlike etiquette mavens who concentrate on manners and personal style, we aim to understand the client’s business objectives then add the often overlooked layer of cultural intelligence for them to behave effectively. Our philosophy is not to provide clients with a list of do’s and don’ts, but to prepare them to navigate with ease the culture in which they are doing business. This holistic approach to connecting culture with commerce actuates global common sense for clients to be flexible and natural regardless of the situation.

Charting a course

Our unique approach of connecting culture with commerce allows us to customize training for the clients’ business objectives. We diligently prepare clients for the cross-cultural journeys of everyday life, and give them the confidence they need to fulfill their vision for the future. Our commitment to excellence is backed up with our guarantee that clients will improve their cultural quotient in only one hour of time through using any of our services.


We’ve grouped our service offering to mirror your journey through export and cultural intelligence development.

First, we’ll demonstrate how Cultural Intelligence is imperative to support your vision through personal assessment, education and training. Then, once you are armed with that knowledge, we’ll help you research and discover what it will take to get to your target market and execute intelligent decisions. Once you’re ready, we help you nail down the details from travel and meeting itineraries to ensuring that your personal and business style will be savvy yet comfortable—and most importantly—positively received.

Along the way, you’ll achieve a forward momentum that will show you that your vision is possible. We want our clients to experience a feeling of embarking in a journey and being able to be proud of their accomplishments. The ultimate compliment we can receive is that you trust us to help get you there.

Global Trade

Today’s dynamic global market offers many different opportunities for companies to expand and grow their business through global trade. Our experts provide knowledge and assistance with each step of the global trade process.

Professional Development

Our approach of connecting culture intelligence with export strategy allows us to customize training to the clients’ business objectives and prepare them for the cross-cultural journeys.

Cultural Concierge

This unique service—from choosing the ideal gift to meeting planning—is designed to prepare clients for global business engagements and present their company in the very best light.

Contact us to gain the cultural confidence to expand and conduct business in the global marketplace.

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Global Culture Navigators
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